Life Mission Coaching Sessions

If You’re Like Me, You’ve…

  • Longed for deeper meaning and a life that is more fulfilling
  • Desired to awaken and live your Life Mission, or What (is the desire of your heart), How (do you manifest that desire) and Who (do you need to become to embody that which is desired).
  • Wanted to reclaim your shadow self and digest, metabolize and release the old stories, paradigms or tapes.
  • Wanted to discover better connections in relationship to self and others.
  • Longed for greater self-acceptance and self-trust.
  • Struggled with where your life is going and who you’re becoming.
  • Experienced repetitive patterns of dis-harmony feeling stuck and powerless.

And at the end of the day….you still feel like you have no choice…life has just handed a lousy hand.

That’s why I’m here and why I’ve created these personalized sessions.

This is a shifting time for many of us on the planet right now. A time of job loss, stress, financial burden and unpredictability. Finding ourselves questioning how to cope, might lead you to wonder what the next steps are. You know you’re ready, it’s a deep calling urging you forward and it’s coming from your heart. Having been transitioned out of three jobs in last six years, I sought out how to digest these changes and reinvent myself.

In addition to my counselling and consulting practice, I’m offering Life Mission Coaching. It isn’t a course, it’s not therapy, it’s me mentoring you to show you how to get in touch with your deeper knowing self.

During our private sessions together, you will learn the skill of Quest-ioning; why you are here, what you are called to do and who you’re called to become. We will explore how to bring your Life Mission into manifestation artfully, skillfully and authentically to live the highest story of your life, creating harmony between your inner and outer Life Mission. Tolstoy says, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves. If you want to be happy, be. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.”

I have been taught about Life Mission from the Master of our time, Daniel Goodenough. In the last four years of taking classes both live and via teleconferences, Daniel has imparted Life Mission wisdom beyond anything else I have read or heard. Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon are and were a privilege to learn from in the many courses I took from them leading me to become a certified Chopra Educator. Everything I’ve learned is yours for the taking.

Our work together will include three (3) sessions per month: One (1) one hour session and two (2) half hour sessions for four (4) months. All done over Skype or phone.

You’re ready to jump in (heart first) and start living your most authentic life. You’re ready for an AWAKENING Session.

Your AWAKENING Experience

  1. A questionnaire to dive into who you are, how I can help, and where your struggles are so we can address them directly and get the ball rolling.
  2. Storytelling. This is where we delve down into your goals and pinpoint exactly what’s most important to you.
  3. It’s a time for a revolution of Beauty: We will enter the processes and structures for taking your place at the front of the wave we call life.
  4. Unlimited back-and-forth email support to make sure you’re on track with refining your authentic self.

“Instead of worrying about the future, we should focus on inventing it.”
– Daniel Goodenough

  • Mary Arbique Vogel is a joy to work with. I came to her at a very precarious time in my life when I needed clarity on several things. Everything in my life was in transition; it seemed, including my coaching business. Mary’s warmth and skill were paramount in helping me regain my footing, and before long I was strengthened and ready to fly again. I happily recommend her services.

    Verna Lee Bowen
    Verna Lee Bowen



You’re hot to trot and want to get on this like, yesterday. My pre-AWAKENING questionnaire will give you a taste of what’s in store.

Click Here to Take the pre-AWAKENING Questionnaire
  • heart book-2
  • "Dare you have the courage to be who you really are?" ~ Pir Inayat Khan
    That’s it—you’ve completed the PRE - AWAKENING QUESTIONAIRE. Your commitment to following the path of your future self is very powerful. Well done.
    Now we’re ready to work together. What appears behind the curtain we call life is an intersection of possibilities waiting for you to uncover. Know that “the pull of the future is stronger than the push of the past.” ~ Leonhard Euler

Click HERE to download your Life Mission Intention Process Worksheet.

Individual Sessions or Phone in Sessions

I set a safe, respectful and compassionate environment where the unique challenges you are facing can be identified and worked through whether we are working together on the phone or in person.  Here is what some previous clients had to say:

  • Mary showed warmth, care and concern about my issues.  She completely treated me with respect, is an excellent communicator and listener; she really understood how I felt inside. I felt totally safe to express my feelings during the session and the techniques she used helped me to be absolutely open.  The support and  support work she gave me at the end of the session was perfectly aligned with what I need to follow up with.

  • Last summer I had the synchronistic re-introduction to Mary. I say re-introduction because we had met years before when we were neighbours in a campground. I say synchronistic because Mary stood before me at a time when I was desperately (and unknowingly) in need of her kind of help. I had never heard of “The Way of the Heart” but I was definitely curious enough to try a session.  My husband and I have two kids dealing with very different, life-threatening illnesses. Needless to say, it can be exhausting, overwhelming and some days depressing to have to watch them struggle and to accept powerlessness over the outcomes. I was using every tool I have to keep going. I spent time in nature, meditated, prayed, used a number of other stress management tools just to hang in.I didn’t really do anything in the session. There was no in-depth exploration of my deep, dark fears of craziness or confessions that no one else would understand. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to go there! Instead, it was a simple clarity of what I really want and Mary took care of the rest by working in the field. In one session I became unstuck on the problem and aligned with what I wanted. In the next session, I set an intention for who I want to be while all these challenges are before me. Each time I see Mary I become stronger, more self-assured and hopeful. I attended a Gateway so that I could start clearing issues for myself as they come up. I no longer have to sit in fear and struggle. I now have a choice. Instead, I destress and focus on what it is I truly desire.  Thank-you Mary, for offering this work with such authenticity and love. Thank-you for helping me shift from a place of fear into strength, and to become the Mom and partner that I want to be. I’m excited to open to new possibilities in all areas of my life now. This work is beautiful, simple, and powerful.



Consulting fees negotiated and confirmed at the time of contract.

Giving Back To Community

Life Lessons from “The Little Red Hen”: Growing Up Disabled

In this session we explore the myths around disability, healthy body image and self-esteem. Mary gives personal examples of her process growing up disabled and key questions which guided in shaping her life. In her adult years, when Mary examines the questions more deeply, she is given new insights.

You will be able to apply the simple tools Mary will share so that you learn the difference between an empowering to give power to (someone) and disempowering question — to cause (a person or a group of people) to be less likely than others to succeed: to prevent (a person or group) from having power, authority, or influence.

  • Self-esteem
  • Body image
  • Disability awareness
  • Define disability
  • How to ask a “dropped-in” question
Here’s What Two Teachers Had To Say:
  • Mary Arbique Vogel was very prepared for her presentation.  She was awesome with the students. She spoke well while engaging students in her presentation.  Students actively listened and participated by asking Mary questions.  She spoke of her personal struggles growing up with a disability and made students realize how far our society has come in recognising adversity and differences.  Mary brought in home-made items she created to make life easier for her. Students were intrigued in the creative ways she used a garden hose to water ski.  In today's society so many strides in technological advances have been created for people with disabilities.

  • Mary fostered an open climate in the classroom where students felt comfortable to ask questions. The greatest take away for the participants was that living with a disability does not make a person any less valuable to society or able to contribute to society and be successful.